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re: STUFF YOU NEED (or need to know) BEFORE RAIDING!!!

Hello All,

Here I have tried to assemble things that are both needed, or needed to know BEFORE raiding...

Things That Are Needed

1) Ventrillo. This is not optional for 25 mans. There really is no excuse to not own a mic either, as you can purchase one for 10$ at any dept. store.

2) Deadly Boss Mods/ Bigwigs All raiders at the 25 man raiding lvl should have either/or DBM or bigwigs. This allows all of us to have raid timers for the boss fights, so that we do not need to rely on someone yelling commands at eachother when it is not neccessary.

3) Group Calendar We use group calendar to schedule our raids. You need to use this mod and sign up regularly to give me a good idea of your availability so that I can more efficiently schedule, and fill our raids.

4) Omen Threatmeter Yep, also need this mod.


Things That YOU Should Know

1) [b]KNOW boss fights already.
If you are going to a new raid, or fighting new boss', look them up ahead of time. This prevents many a wipe, and makes our time spent more valuable in raid.

I'd reccomend for boss strategies, although there are many a boss strat site.

2) Come Prepared The above falls under this also, but please come prepared for raids. Bring reagents, repair fully, bring food buffs, and whatever flasks you will need for progression content.[/b]


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re: STUFF YOU NEED (or need to know) BEFORE RAIDING!!!

I think this needs to be brought up again if we truly want to push progression again in ICC. We can all take it upon ourselves and help each other so we can get our shit together as a guild and progress further in ICC and get on track for hard modes again.

Minimizing down time - this is big. We need to all be on the same page. Everyone should know what's going on so Matty doesn't have to explain fights before every boss for 15 mins. (i think you do a fantastic jorb moo, but seriously, ppl need to put in some work).

We should have our raids a lot like shift work; we can have scheduled breaks so different people aren't going afk at different times.

So yea, come prepared and know your role so we can actually kill shit in a timely fashion.

From the looks of things, we will be recruiting more people so raid spots will become more competitive. Bring your A-game and earn your spot in raid.. don't just "show up".

End game content requires a number of things; most notable - time, effort and most of all teamwork. Expect criticism and 1) don't be a dick when giving it and b) don't get defensive when ppl are trying to help in an appropriate manner. (1&b is intentional).

Let's work together AS A GUILD like we once did, killing the shit out of everything in Black Temple in a month, start to finish.
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re: STUFF YOU NEED (or need to know) BEFORE RAIDING!!!

Raid info from the app forum:

Main ICC25/RS25:
Tuesdays - 9:30pm-1:00am EST (100% Effort points)
Wednesdays - 9:30pm-1:00am EST (200% Effort points)
Mondays - 9:30pm-1:00am EST (200% Effort points)

Alts ICC25:
Thursday or Sunday nights - MN - 3:30am EST (No EPGP)

Spontaneous evening or late nights throughout the week. (No EPGP)

What is expected of raiders?:
-Signup in advance for raids using the in-game calendar, and honour those signups
-Keep ICC25 and RS25 for the guild lockout (possibly ICC10/RS10 if we are doing LK/hardmodes that week)
-Have Ventrilo with headphones and a clear mic
-Inform the Raid Leader or an officer a minimum of 15 minutes before having to leave a raid early
-Come to raids with optimum buff food, flasks, pots, reagents and repair gold for the duration of the raid
-Come to raids having watched videos or read strategies for all ICC bosses and Ruby Sanctum
-Work on gear outside of 25man raid nights (gemming, enchanting, crafting, VoA, 10mans or pugs if you can't make the guild run)
-Have fun!

Raid Invite Policy:
Raid invites are at the discretion of the officers. Being a guild member does NOT guarantee a raid spot. Officers attempt to act in the best interest of the guild's progression, not individual players needs. No one has a guaranteed raid slot. Officers reserve the right to replace raid members who are under-performing, having connection issues, being disruptive etc.

Things that the officers consider when forming the raids:
-raid class/spec/role composition
-player's gear level
-player's performance (pure DPS/HPS etc.)
-player's raid awareness
-player's knowledge/understanding of fights
-player's previous attendance
-vetting of new recruits
-having a bad day/connection problems/fatigue (It happens to all of us!)

Loot Distribution System:
EPGP, which stands for Effort points/Gear Points. You gain effort points (EP) by raiding and killing bosses and you gain gear points by receiving gear (GP). Your current DKP standing is calculated by dividing your effort points by your gear points. People interested in a piece of gear receive it based on who has the highest EP/GP standing. There is a minimum threshold of EP before you qualify for gear, which generally works out to a new recruit raiding for 2 weeks before being eligible (that said we disenchant a lot of ICC25 gear and a recruit would get it before we shard) See the DKP System post for accumulation details and gear costs.

Tuesday Main ICC raid earns you normal Effort Points (500/boss, 500/hour).
Wednesday Main ICC raid earns you 200% EP (1000/boss, 1000/hour).

Standby Raid Spots:
A small number of standby spots will be available on Tues/Wed nights. People in these slots earn 50% of the EP that the raid is earning that night so long as they are logged in to WoW (main or alt), in Ventrilo and immediately available to swap in or replace someone in the main raid.

Do it right or do it twice.
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